December 2, 2013

mimm : when the train falls off the track

I have something to admit...

I've fallen off the track...

For how long? Who knows. Maybe a month, maybe it's only been a few weeks. It feels like forever!

Off track in what way? Off track in my self-care (meditation, yoga, working out, journaling, being grateful, praying, eating clean, juicing, etc.).

I've had days where I ate nothing but bread, cheese, pasta, and chocolate (yummy, but not good for me or my mood).

I've been off track in my meditation - almost an entire week going by without taking the time to meditate.

Off track with my scheduling, bed time, and passion for life.

What does this mean?

I revert back to a cranky, overly-emotional, feisty little Maria.

Unfortunately, when I'm in this mode, my nature is not to be so lovely and wonderful to be around. My nature is kind of aggressive and can be a little whine-y and without an excellent self-care routine, I can slip into some of those old, nasty habits. When I start to notice myself losing my temper, gossiping, or eating like total crap, the first thing I look at is my self-care.

How early am I going to bed? How long am I sleeping?

What are my current thought patterns, feelings and emotions?

Am I being productive, or wasting away the hours of the day?

Am I being kind to myself? Am I being compassionate towards others?

Am I meditating once, twice, three times a day?

Have I done yoga today? How have I moved my body today?

When's the last time I juiced, cooked a super healthy meal, or drank a smoothie?

Who am I surrounding myself with? Are they lifting me up or dragging me down?

Self-care isn't selfish; it is one of the most selfless act of love for yourself AND for others.

I couldn't write this blog, be a good friend/daughter/sister, or follow my dreams without taking excellent care of my mind and body. When I'm on point with all of these things, I am naturally loving, compassionate, patient, and wonderful to be around. I'm happy, free, and totally flowing with all the good in the Universe.

When I start to notice that I'm not any of those things, I know I've got to step it up in the self-love department.

So, what happens when the train falls off the track? You hit a point where BAM! You wake up.

You've got to put yourself first in order to be able to follow your dreams, inspire/be inspired, create, and feel loving/loved.

So here I am..on an early Monday morning, feeling MARVELOUS because I realize that I've got to step it up.
much love to Katie for putting on the show ♥
What's does your self-care look like? How could you make it better?
Check out the areas in your life you want to improve and see if all you're missing is a little TLC for yourself.


  1. You may of falling off track - for the time being - but wanna hear some good news? You can hop back on whenever you want! You got this Maria <3

    1. This is just what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you for always sharing your warmth and compassion Jessie! love you girl X

  2. The holidays always put me a little off track too, but you've been on track before and you can get back on. All you need is to do one thing - cook a good meal, journal, workout, meditate, or drink a smoothie and you're back!

    1. You're right Julie! Hot yoga did a lot for me today..and I made a pot of soup for dinner too :D

  3. Oh honey I know this feeling all too well. The good news? You have all the tools right at your fingertips to make it right, and by writing this post you took the first step. Sending lots of love and strength your way--I'm hopping back on track with you!

    1. Sloane, darling..I'm so glad you can relate. Your kind, loving thoughts mean the world to me! Thank you for sharing (and for riding the train with me) X

  4. Good to hear you have recognised you are in need of some more. Sometimes I need to get really stressed out before I recognise it.

    I like meditating, treating myself to a massage and spending time just reading.

    1. I see that you really get it, and it sounds like you are doing an outstanding job of maintaining as much balance as you can. Well done!

  5. Falling off track isn't the end of the world, even though it feels like it sometimes! The important part is that you recognize it and are ready to make the changes. In fact, that's very self-empowering alone. You are in control and you take the reigns!

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      You know, I used to work insanely hard and try to control everything, until I got into an accident one weekend while rollerblading. Because I was so burned out and stressed from my job, it took me much longer to recover than I should have. It all finally caught up with me. After that experience, I swore that I would never let myself ever get that stressed again, it’s just not worth it.

      I have a theory now that people get all worked up because on some level it makes them feel important. Their job stress is almost like a dysfunctional badge of honor they wear, that so many people wear. The craziness of their life and schedule somehow tells the world how important they and their responsibilities are. I refuse to buy into that anymore, I used to. There’s no reason to get that stressed, it’s totally unnecessary.


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